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By completing this survey, you enable UK Music and its member organisations to be more effective in speaking to government about issues that impact you. This would not be possible without us collecting hard economic data, tracked over time, to demonstrate how music contributes to the UK economy. This is why we ask you to complete this survey each year. This information will also help our member organisations research the music industry and advocate on behalf of their members.

This survey asks about your 2021 income. While things did open up more in 2021 compared to 2020, the pandemic continues to disrupt opportunities for music creators. By understanding the challenges that remain, the industry will be better able to support music creators. Your participation is especially important to this.

You also have the opportunity to win a £100 voucher for Amazon or music stores GAK and PMT.

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

To ensure that the data we capture is as accurate as possible, we ask that you refer to your financial records before completing the survey. We also recommend that you look through the questions first to ensure you have the necessary information to hand.



How we will use your data:

By taking part in this survey and providing your responses, you agree that UK Music and its members can use the data (including financial information) provided for the reasons mentioned above.

Please be assured that responses will only be analysed by UK Music and shared by UK Music with our member organisations after any direct identifiers have been removed meaning your data will become pseudonymized, and where possible anonymized. It will not be possible to anonymise your response if you include identifiable information (e.g your name or a song title) within any open text boxes. To the extent any personal data is shared as a result of this survey, it will be subject to a data sharing agreement between UK Music and the relevant member organisations (listed at

Any personal data received will be handled carefully and in accordance with data protection legislation. UK Music will process your personal data in accordance with its privacy notice available at and each member organisation will process your personal data in accordance with its privacy notice available on each of our member’s respective webpages (each member’s site is available via

This research is being conducted on behalf of UK Music by AudienceNet, a Company Partner of the Market Research Society (MRS). AudienceNet closely adheres to strict rules in relation to quality, ethics and data protection (e.g. UK GDPR), for our clients and research participants. For more information on how we collect, process and safely store personal data, please see the Privacy Policy on our website: